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View Diary: John Conyers wants Eric Holder to review law that could put Detroit under an emergency manager (94 comments)

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  •  So... what you have are the 80% vs 20% (3+ / 0-)

    Or probably 60% versus the 40% if you lump the suburbanites in with the rural folks.

    It appears that the me-crowd suburbanites may be waging war against the cities. To run them. Because in all actuality... they may live out in their pretentious paradise, but they need the energy of the cities. And they intend to control it.

    Because when oil fades and gas prices hit $5-7-10 a gallon... the cities are where people will congregate.

    The cities have somehow survived the past 50 years even when the white flight took the tax base away... the cities didn't fade away.

    Now the white flighters have decided they know best and they want the cities back, they intend to take over.

    Bridge Closed: Republican Tax CUTS At Work

    You just gonna stand there and bleed
    Or you gonna do something about it?

    by bronte17 on Fri Dec 02, 2011 at 11:20:27 AM PST

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