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View Diary: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Jobs dominate headlines, narcissism dominates GOP (96 comments)

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  •  The strangest thing about "kids as janitors"? (1+ / 0-)
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    What I find really odd about Newt's proposal for poor kids to clean up after their rich classmates in order to bolster their work ethic? Not the idea of children working with dangerous chemicals. Not the inevitable divisiveness of the better-off kids grinding crud into the floor for their "inferiors" to clean up. Awful as those are, here 's what's even weirder: Newt is proposing a government solution: a program to create jobs for kids. Isn't that anathema to the right? Oh, and it's impossible for the government to create jobs, by their lights.
    Opportunities for kids to earn money have been around forever. Mowing lawns, raking leaves, baby-sitting, shoveling snow -- back in the day, my brother earned quarters by hauling housewives' bags of groceries home in his little red wagon. (This was in an urban setting, and before everyone had a car). These are classic private-sector job-creation scenarios. How dare Newt defy right-wing dogma by moving children's jobs into the public sector? Doesn't he realize that the heavy hand of government will push out private investment in babysitters?

    Democracy - Not Plutocracy!

    by vulcangrrl on Sat Dec 03, 2011 at 09:08:58 AM PST

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