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    ... neither is Franken, nor are any of those who voted for that bill. Some of them (like Franken) aren't lawyers either. They don't understand how the Internet fundamentally works, or, more importantly, why it works. In other words, they have no f*ing idea what they're doing -- as usual. Congress not only doesn't run the Internet, they can't. This network of networks is only possible because of the close cooperation and mutual trust of literally thousands of engineers who run the routers, relays and key services (like DNS) that comprise the shared infrastructure over which tens of billions of unimpeded queries and responses flow every day. Many of those engineers are not Americans and a lot of that infrastructure is not located in the U.S.  If providers inside the U.S. do interfere with the Internet in the way that this law prescribes, it will threaten both the mutual trust and cooperation that makes the Internet work. The kinds of workarounds (really countermeasures) that would need to be employed will degrade the reliability, performance and security of users' interactions with the network. Protect IP is a hand grenade. Mr. Franken and friends have just pulled the pin. The question is, what happens next?

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