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  •  The few conservatives (1+ / 0-)
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    Terra Mystica

    I know or are related to are not at all happy with what's going down. Their solutions and explanations are usually upside down and ass backwards however.  Strangely the only people I hear defending this horror show are the die hard Democratic Obama fans,  'moderates' who refuse to look at the reality they are supporting.

    One couple we know who were apologist's for this administration and Obama, changed their tune when their son a college student and liberal, got arrested and roughed up in an Occupy Portland 'eviction'. They watched what went down on live stream and they now are not talking 'it's the Republican obstructionists' or any other of the lame reasons given for the Democratic, bi-partisan  collusion.    

    •  Not to digress overly, but what you describe is a (1+ / 0-)
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      case for the draft.  I don't know your feelings about the draft in particular, but the general concept of "it's happening to all of us" or actual shared sacrifice is potent.

      Rs used to have a "meme" about a liberal is a conservative who's never been mugged, or something to that effect.  If we ever get into a scenario where we really are in a position, together, of shared sacrifice, watch out DC.

      The Occupy "movement" (the organizers say it's not a movement) has the potential to make that happen.

      To better times...

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