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  •  well doc, Ben Ray didn't (3+ / 0-)

    support the Peoples' Budget, either.  At least, not the last time I looked.  He never wrote me back about it, either.

    Martin still seems to think he can sneak by without actually having to speak for the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.  If Heather pulls it off, I think she is smart enough (she IS smart) not to run as a wing-nut, and Martin can't try to occupy the same middle that Heather will go for.

    Thanks for attending those events, doc.  I can't even afford the gas to get there these days, much less be on their donor list, though they do send me invites.  I appreciate hearing your voice speaking for me.

    And Ben Ray better watch his left;   Carol Miller is still young enough to shake up the district again, and there are a bunch of pissed-off progressives in el Norte, which still holds the national record for a Green Party showing in a Congressional race.

    don't always believe what you think

    by claude on Sun Dec 04, 2011 at 08:51:58 PM PST

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