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  •  Hello and happy Tuesday, all my family and friends (6+ / 0-)

    I hope everyone is warm, dry, and safe, and that you're all looking forward to or already engaged in winter festivities of whatever kind suits you best.

    Our holiday tradition includes Christmas as a purely secular holiday, where we celebrate family (two- and four-legged) and friends (likewise), and Yule, which is our religious observance; it's the Winter Solstice.  We will, as has become a long-standing tradition, have a live tree. We do not get dead trees because we have plenty of room to plant live ones. In every house I have lived since 1988, I've left trees behind which have become real features of the homes in whose yards they were planted.

    It also includes, once again after a hiatus of three years (three years when I was on dialysis), our annual Holiday Feast, where we roast a goose and bake or barbecue (and once, cooked in the dishwasher) a salmon. Everything else is potluck, so what anybody gets to eat besides goose and salmon is up to the guests. With the most commonly celebrated holidays on the weekends this month,  we can't have it any day except the 17th, which is next Saturday. The goose is already ordered and paid for. The salmon is frozen in a vacuum seal bag in our chest freezer.

    You should all come over! Virtual guests are as welcome as in-person ones and the goose and salmon won't run out in Black Kos. I'll bring it a day early next Friday.

    I got back a little bit ago from taking Bitty to the vet. I'll hear tomorrow about the bloodwork that is being done; she's being tested to see if she has Addison's Disease or hypothyroidism. I think a good bit of what is going on  is that she is 10 1/2 years old, but her breed (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) is subject to Addison's like  some others are subject to cancer, and it's certainly worth a test to see. And no, despite what a breeder in Nova Scotia told me, they can't get Addison's from eating rhododendron leaves. Thank goodness, because we have a bunch  of  big rhodies here.

    Special hugs to Sis  Dee, Sis Shanikka, and my Nimisenh Aji.

    Organ donors save multiple lives! A donor's kidney gave me my life back on 02/18/11; he lives on in me and in others. Please talk with your family about your wish to donate and sign up to give others the gift of life.

    by Kitsap River on Tue Dec 06, 2011 at 03:53:25 PM PST

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