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View Diary: You Can Help Lakotas on South Dakota Reservations This Winter with Propane and Food. Read How Below (147 comments)

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  •  There are charity ranking websites out there where (1+ / 0-)
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    you can search for this org and see its ratings, I think one is GuideStar or something like that. Another is Charity Navigator.

    Many of the 501c3s have high overhead and in my opinion too much money goes to pay salaries and are using American Indian causes as a way to make money. We looked at one charity last year that says it benefits South Dakota reservations but cacamp (Carter Camp) who is a leader on Rosebud reservation says that particular charity's help is not apparent to them. e.g. the last time they had evidence of help it was a delivery of expired soda.

    I see you see where I write that our process cuts out the charity middle man. We are calling the propane companies directly. All our money goes 100% into propane.

    Let us know how your charity stacks up.

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