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  •  I notice (none)
    power lines, towers and wind generators and find them to be among the more attractive of the things we put on the sky line. Spare, efficient structures that accurately show their purpose in life, like a well made bridge, can be beautiful. I was taken with your photographs. Incidently, the 20% limitation only means we have to have four more alternative power sources. We can do that.

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    by johnmorris on Mon Apr 04, 2005 at 07:23:18 AM PDT

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    •  Thanks everyone (none)
      While In Ireland 2 years ago I noticed some compliants regarding how the Windmills where ruining the landscape....It was a bit of not in my backyard type feelings but some people had serve feelings against them.  Overall most people said it was a good idea and to be honest they are not unattractive but kinda impressive, moving in unison to the wind....alot better then a smoke stack

      As for the 20% idea, I like it and I also think that if we reached 20% in canada it would be great.....on a slightly related issue in Canada a new promotion has been send out by the Canadian governemnt called the 1 ton's kinda neat regarding waste.

      pass it around to people that may not know how to reduce the energy they use.  I believe it may also be taught in our schools.

      •  Beauty is based in part on social myth (4.00)
        Back in the 50s new factories would intentionally be built as close to the new interstate highways as possible, not so much for ease of transportation, but because at that time most people saw billowing smokestacks as emblems of ecomonic progress and a brighter future for all. Putting one by the highway with your corporate logo attached was great PR.

        Now in New England there is intense opposition to wind farms on some of the ridgelines. A vista "unspoiled" by human intervention is currently an emblem of the survival of nature. There are homes of the rich going up on these same ridges, but current zoning often insists they not be visible from the passing highways, all in name of the illusion.

        So there's a dissonance between the fact that more wind farms will result in a natural world less ruined by us, and the emblematic value of hills appearing to be covered by only trees. Of course, part of the opposition to wind farms is by a contingent who believe that any energy at all is bad, because it only encourage civilization. They regularly contribute letters to the editor to all the papers in the region. Perhaps this is a generational thing, and only their children will ever recognize wind farms as sublimely beautiful.

        •  I think that the movement... (none)
          is part of what makes them beautiful.  Have the people who are opposed to them actually seen a wind farm?  I know some people don't like them of course, but a wind farm is like an extraodinary huge sculpture to me, moving in the wind.

          And I always go back to the fact that I think most people would rather see a wind farm than a coal plant, nuclear reactor, or an oil refinery.  I know which would be more attractive on the California coastline I just visited (hint, the oil refineries are a serious blot on that lovely landscape, and their tar is a lot of little blots all over the beaches).

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          by sarac on Mon Apr 04, 2005 at 12:57:44 PM PDT

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