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View Diary: Energy - some good news (for once) (237 comments)

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  •  A couple of the more plausible (none)
    solutions if wind reaches more than 20% are:

    (1) use the excess power in peak production periods to pump water to the top of a dam from a resevoir at the bottom.  When the wind isn't blowing, use a hydroelectric turbine.  Of course, this isn't 100% effective, but it has the virtue of being very simple.

    (2) have baseline power provided by hydro or nuclear or a fossil fuel, as local circumstances dictate.

    •  Yes, but (none)
      In windy, hot locations the amount of evaporation from stored water can be significant.   I recall a proposed pumped storage project in southern Oregon several years back that died because the available water supply couldn't keep up with predicted evaporation.

      No matter what the ointment, there always seems to be a fly in it...

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