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  •  Jobs (4.00)
    Its true that constructing wind turbines creates lots of jobs. Sometimes people don't appreciate that it also creates manufactoring jobs too. The generators, gearboxes and blades are mostly made in advanced countries. I have also read that in Germany, the wind industry is the second largest user of steel, after automobiles. Those steel towers have walls more than 1 1/2 inches thick.

    This can be a strong idea for Democrats: wind frees us from foreign despots, and it also creates US jobs.

    •  We have some of those jobs here in NW Florida (none)
      even though we don't have any of the turbines themselves. I've seen the blades going down the interstate to unknown destinations on big flatbed trucks.

      Of course, when I say unknown destinations, I mean by me. I assume they know where they're going. :)

    •  Also, this was one of the reasons I was (none)
      so impressed by Howard Dean's alternative energy proposal. The proposal was three pronged. Developing alternative energy sources would:

      1. Protect the environment by producing clean energy.

      2. Create good jobs in the U.S. in a growing industry.

      3. Help national security by reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

      BTW, who says the Democrats can't do national security? And it's smart national security as opposed to dumb saber rattling.  

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