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    In Colorado, dryland farming areas that have always been marginally productive are now able to maintain profitability by supplementing the farming activity with wind power. The turbines take up essentially no space and don't interfere with farming at all...
    •  It's a good combo. (none)
      In windy areas, farmland and ranchland are natural fits for wind power, since they take up very little ground space and only block out a little light.  Farmers especially aren't too keen on birds eating their crop, so that slight liability is actually a slight bonus.  Although crows are surely smart enough to figure out how to avoid the blades.  Since they also presumably reduce wind speed somewhat they should help retain water on the ground as well.  

      Point being, by combining the two you can eliminate the need for picking special spots of land.  The only question is whether the wind on the farm is adequate enough to justify the expense of building the turbine.  

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