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  •  That's Altamont Pass data. (none)
    The wind turbines there are decades old, use much smaller and faster turbine blades and pose a threat to birds that may be orders of magnitude large than that posed by the newer generation of turbines.

    Altamont is a problem all of its own because of the collection of older technology.  Clearly the threat to bird life there needs to be addressed.  But you cannot, in all fairness, use bird kill data from Altamont to project bird kills from new turbine installations.  It would be like using car crash fatality statistics from the 1940s to predict car crash fatality rates from this year's models.  The technology has changed a lot due to increased size of blades and lower blade speed.

    •  Sorry, that article is current... (none)
      ...and deals with the "repowering".  That is quite relevant and I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss it.  The jury is still out as to whether the new turbines will reduce bird kills significantly in Altamont Pass.

      I think my comments are still relevant where people are trying to apply Altamont data to new installations, though.

    •  Yes (none)
      Altamont needs to be shut down.  I think it could easily be replaced by a dozen giant turbines in the bay, and they'd make a great scenic enhancement, with little or no risk to birds.

      Plus, it would help to eliminate the argument over bird safety and wind towers.

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