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  •  And what i'm saying is (1+ / 0-)
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    dewley notid

    that nothing is stopping the President from saying "Hey about you write a rule on payday lending? Hey..what the hell is going on with check cashing places? Hey why the fuck am I still getting letters about outrageous credit card fees? YO RAJ...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE REDESIGNING THE FAFSA FORM?"

    Rulemaking. Write the new rules. And then when you've got the proper for example..A MAJOR DEFENSE BILL..(lol), you use that leverage to win your director. You pit the military against the bankers and you only accept defeat when they gather up 2/3rds to override. THATS how you get shit done when you're determined to get things done.

    That's what an assertive, active president does. That's what this President does when it suits his interests. He's done it before.

    But it doesn't now. The reason this agency is timid isn't Congress' fault. It isn't somebody else's fault no matter how much you try to shift the blame everywhere but where it belongs. It is is because the President needs a great deal of money to get reelected and a shitload of that is coming from Wall Street (check his list of bundlers if you dont believe that either).

    •  no youre right about that (1+ / 0-)
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      Partially. But the conclusion that Obama is selling out to the banks doesnt follow. If he really wanted to sell out it wouldnt have made its funding so independent as you so articulately pointed out.

      Maybe, they could be working on multiple things at once, and the FAFSA form may be the simplest and the one they finished first and touting first. Maybe the other stuff is on the way.

      What Im saying is don't jump to conclusions so fast. Elizabeth warren touted Date. He worked under her. She hired him. Developing rules take time.

      •  i would agree with you (1+ / 0-)
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        On continuing to pressure obama about tough rules on payday lending etc. But the idea that just because they pulled an unimportant regulation first (and its still one that liberals should support btw) doesnt mean that Obama is a sell out.

        There is a huge gap between that evidence and that conclusion.

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