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View Diary: Animation: Newt vs poor children (actual audio) (47 comments)

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  •  why dont we pay kids to go to school? (6+ / 0-)

    any idiot knows what our school system teaches.
     they teach work ethics. Period. They award kids who show up whether they are sick or not. It awards "character"- no cheating or lying or stealing- lets all get along with each other and perform in the work place.
    They no longer teach arts.-no need for creativity in work

    which makes me think we ought to pay kids to go to school. just like newt wants so they have a good work ethic.

    what i REALLY want is a school system that teaches kids how to think. how to use the arts for their own enrichment that knowlege is a GOOD thing. the repubs just hate knowledge

    and i really want to forget newt and his child labor ideas that were wrong a hundred years ago and wrong today

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