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  •  My sig line is from there (3+ / 0-)

    It came up on shuffle while I was riding a few weeks ago and it's such a wonderfully orchestrated piece with all 5 of the members work intertwining so well. The cover is indeed green with the band logo and title at the top and the color getting increasingly darker as it goes to the bottom of the jacket. The original gate fold opens to reveal a Roger Dean original of a water pool cascading over cliffs all the way around.

    Jon Anderson said that he used nonsense words in some places, more worried about how the verse flowed than with what the words were. He said it was based on Siddhartha (we were all reading Hesse back then weren't we? Steppenwolf too) and all rivers flowing to the one sea. The last verse specifically had to do with a dream of dying and passing to another world without fear.

    It sounds to me that what you had is something to be cherished. I'm no expert (I already disqualified myself in the diary) but I think it's about how well, not for how long or with how many. Hopefully you know we all feel (ok, most)(probably) incomplete and unfinished. Hopefully you also know some of the things you feel you are lacking in actually show up in the words that you write, and are reflected back to you. And that I sincerely appreciate your presence here and I appreciate the time and words that you share.

    (and I'd actually planned on using the refrain I'd used from South Side of The Sky last year with the word "colder" substituted for "warmer" like it is in the song at some point this winter, but the weather hasn't cooperated at all. not that I'm complaining!)

    "Now that you find, now that you're whole, seasons will pass you by, I get up, I get down"

    by anodnhajo on Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 04:59:30 AM PST

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