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View Diary: Democrats offer smaller millionaire's surtax to pay for payroll tax cut (90 comments)

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  •  I'm not blaming SS; and a less regressive tax (0+ / 0-)

    code and a Democratic leadership responsive to the 99% ain't gonna happen unless and until OWS gains enough traction that the Overton window shifts back from "completely fucking insane" to "Goldwater sounded almost reasonable."

    So a payroll tax "holiday" is a politically achievable way to pump $200-$1000 x 150 million into the economy at a time when the economy desperately needs a pickup in demand. And the popularity of that cash is a potent propaganda tool for Obama. Right now, I'd rather give him that tool and let him whale away at the GOP with it than preserve the (already significantly compromised) sanctity of SS. (In the long run, I am not all that worried about SS because I don't think the majority of American workers will be willing to give it up when push comes to shove.)

    It's not ideal, but if it helps limp the economy along enough to get Obama re-elected in 2012, I am 1000% for it. I want a Democrat to have the next shot at replacing Supremes. I want Democrats to have the next, and inevitable, shot at Social Security. If the chips fall where I hope they will, that next shot at SS will include removing the income cap and taxing unearned income. It won't happen unless Democrats make it happen, and Democrats won't make it happen unless OWS continues to raise the consciousness of low-information, apathetic, beguiled, and defeated American workers enough that our party leadership by-God knows we can and will send them home if they won't dance to our tune.

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