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View Diary: Newt Gingrich clarifies his stance on women's rights by warning about 'male inequality' (99 comments)

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    You choirgirls and boys all are sitting preaching to each other and missing the point.  How are earth are the "mancession" and the "womancession" oppositional?  They are both part of the story of growing income inequality.

    Yes, in absolute terms, women frequently get the short end of the stick, in relative terms, a lot of men are sinking and feel themselves sinking.  Is it really time for a lecture about their "male privilege"?   If our goal is to get progressive policies enacted, why would we spend out time tut-tutting about the men who getting screwed getting a little emore than the women who are getting screwed?

    And though Newt is a devious dingleberry, he's not wrong that a lot of men face a pretty grim future employment-wise.  As a politician, he's hitting some pretty high notes - a lot of men feel very, very insecure about their status right now.  We should be trying to get those men in our camp rather than letting them get their brains even further fried by Fox and rush.  Remember the white working class men we always lose, and the Latinos on the fence about Obama?  Do we want them in the tent or not?  And as progressives, shouldn't we be just as concerned about them as anyone else, both because we believe that everyone deserves opportunity - just like our Prez said today.

    And now for a little bomb-throwing, cause the relentless tone-deafness of this particular front-pager makes me pissed..  It would be awfully nice if Kaili Joy would GRADUATE - the liberal arts college arguments of the 90s are tired and less relevant than ever, and all they do is make liberals seem preachy and out of touch.  Don't like men, or the asshole things some men do?  Fine, fair enough.  But most of the patriarchy is busy getting pretty reamed by the oligarchy, and rather than pointing out that we're all screwed you're on about how women still have it worse...  Sigh, why am I wasting my time on this?

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