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  •  Keep up the fight for education and OWS (6+ / 0-)

    Our country has not worked important problems for at least 3 decades.

    Here is a short exercise that shows the necessity for systemic problem solving.

    This can be done in a few minutes with a group. I have never done it on this topic, but have done on other topics.

    1. What are the barriers to success in public education?

    economy, good teachers, improved administration, parent engagement, too many conflicting goals set on the schools, jobs, housing, nutrition, ideological conflicts, anti government and anti union sentiment, ....

    2. Are these interconnected? If any one of these were completely solved, would it have an effect on other barriers?

     For example, is the economy in any way connected to good teachers (yes, job opportunities for one), is "too many conflicting goals" connected to nutrition (yes, nutrition is tied to corporate food industry), and so forth.

     One could argue that they are interconnected. That means that to a solution to one of them would touch the other issues.

    3. How long have these issues been around?

    For years and years and decades.

    4. Do you know any program that is having a significant effect on any of them?


    So here we have a set of long term, interconnected problems that are not being worked on.

    This is a systemic issue.

    OWS is a systemic issue. The current political and economic system is unable to address the problem we face. i

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