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View Diary: Early state polls: Gingrich with wide lead, Romney headed for third in Iowa? (91 comments)

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  •  The 2008 race isn't a good example (0+ / 0-)

    2008 was an asterisk though.  Florida wasn't contested, Hillary came back in NH, Obama brilliantly exploited caucus states like never before, etc.

    I understand the thinking, but if Newt wins Iowa how does Romney plan to stop him.  Romney is in Hillary's position, it sucks for him, but he has to double down there too.

    •  good point with florida not being contested (1+ / 0-)
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      If I was romney, though, I would bank on the fact that gingrich doesn't have much cash and focus on NH/FL/MI

      gingrich has a 30 point lead in florida and there's no excuse for that, going on air would erase that deficit and make gingrich's iowa win look insignificant

      •  I don't know what Romney is waiting for (1+ / 0-)
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        I mean, I know he's thus far waited for everyone to implode, but if the Gingrich ball picks up too much steam Romney is done.

        Maybe Romney has resigned himself to the fact that his only strategy is for Gingrich to self-destruct, that he can't destroy Gingrich without Gingrich's own help.

        Romney has always been a disappointing candidate, but i thought his campaign would be more formidable.  

    •  how did McCain stop Huckabee? (0+ / 0-)

      Yeah, I know, you just said that 2008 isn't a good example. :) Still.

      Romney probably thinks he is pretty well established in New Hampshire, and placing second or third in Iowa won't destroy him, any more than placing fourth in Iowa destroyed McCain. He may be wrong about that, but betting everything on Iowa right now wouldn't be "doubling down" -- it would be more like dashing to another part of the casino.

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