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View Diary: White House will use foreign aid to advance gay rights. Hillary Clinton makes historic speech (89 comments)

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  •  Brava Mrs. Clinton (6+ / 0-)

    I am so impressed and proud of Hillary Clinton.  She has always shown dignity and honor  in her professional and private life.  As a woman  an American and a world citizen (now as a wise village elder) she shines.  I really admire her deeply.

    •  I just watched a new Rick Perry Ad (0+ / 0-)

      directed at Texas primary voters.  He mocks Hillary Clinton for "promoting the gay agenda" around the world which, he says, a majority of American do not agree with.  The ad is a lie.  He is a liar and a low IQ person who seems to thrive in Texas solely on pandering to the bigots and homophobes using empty bravado and code words.  

      He is a fool.  The governors of Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio are also fools.  They are Koch boys.  They are tools of the 1%.  How the hell did they deceive the people of those states and win election?  

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