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View Diary: White House will use foreign aid to advance gay rights. Hillary Clinton makes historic speech (89 comments)

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    Particularly to the many and varied people who insist that it's time to lie down and not bother voting in 2012.

    Perfect? No, neither Obama nor Clinton are perfect, on this issue or any other. They are politicians with wide and diverse bases, and they cannot please their entire base (far less all Americans) all of the time. So they compromise, and hedge, and maneuver, and drive us all crazy.

    But events like this prove that they are trying. They are trying to overcome the prejudices ingrained into them since childhood (when homosexuality was, in fact, a crime in America and gays went straight to Hell no matter which preachers you asked), they are trying to act on their understandings of universal human rights, they are trying to make the world better.

    So, by all means - get frustrated when they fall over, or trip up on their path to making the world better, or even get lost & spend awhile in a blind alley. But be there to help 'em back up again.

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