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  •  Baloney (1+ / 0-)
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    Now you're just being a troll.

    What cave? Wtf?

    I'd hardly call not letting 15-year-old girls buy the morning after pill a "right wing policy."

    This is a bigger issue than you're caring to admit, apparently. You do know that the majority in the House were pro-life even when Pelosi was the Speaker, right? Should I say that again?

    If they took this step, you'd have a revolt in Congress and a gigantic "I told you so!" from the right-wing Christianists.

    This issue obviously has tremendous implications aside from Obamacare - makes me think you're just throwing dirty underwear at the wall because you can't handle people disagreeing with you.

    •  Reversing the FDA decision based on a scientific (1+ / 0-)
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      Alice Olson

      study to appease reactionaries yes, that's choosing right wing politics over sound policy. Right wing policies like having private insurance instead of universal coverage or even a public option.

      You don't like the facts, that this administration sells out again and again to appease a right wing that could not care less about the people  generally let alone those who worked to have Obama in office.

      And no, majority of Congress is not anti-choice nor was it when Pelosi was Speaker.  Republicans control the House right now - see an abortion ban bill passed? No? Did you see one when they controlled white house, senate and house 03-06? No. It's not a majority position.

      •  Speaking of facts... (0+ / 0-)

        Note the date:

        By Eric Zimmermann - 11/10/09 10:46 AM ET

        Even with a sizable Democratic majority, the House of Representatives is more pro-life than pro-choice, according to Rep. Loretta Sanchez  (D-Calif.).

        "We have to acknolwledge that the House of Representatives is not a majority pro-choice," she said on "Morning Joe" on Tuesday. "And I've told that to a lot of pro-choice groups. I would count maybe about 150 pro-choice votes. You need 218 to ... pass a bill."

        The House is now, and has been for years, DECIDEDLY pro-life. Even though the majority of Americans are pro-choice, those who are not tend to vote on that issue above all others.

        So why no bill on it? Because pontificating is a win for them and they're not about to take that issue off the table  - at that point, many of the GOP core voting bloc might actually listen to the baby-killer on the other side of the aisle.

        Allowing emergency birth control to kids without a prescription or even parental consent would cause a HUGE election year issue that strongly favors Republicans.

        No thanks. This is not the time.

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