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View Diary: Most Iowa Republican caucus-goers doubt Mitt Romney's credibility (44 comments)

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  •  Newt unstable but sincere (2+ / 0-)
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    I see a third option with Gingrich: unstable but not in response to polls. He enjoys being an outrageous gadfly, and in the moment when he hurls one of his eyebrow-raising proposals, he believes it or at least intends strategically to throw it out to get a debate going (and draw attention to himself). (Contrast unintended or clueless gaffes by Perry, Bachmann, or Cain.) I've had professors who did that, sometimes effectively, sometimes not. It doesn't seem to me he is flip-flopping based on the latest polls or Fox News question, as the others do -- he is just not consistent in his opinions or proposals, and has no intention of being. In other words, he sees flinging outrageous proposals around (and changing them as often as he changes his underwear) as a feature, not a bug. God help us if he actually gets to the Oval Office.

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