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View Diary: Time magazine picks Occupy Wall Street as the top news story of 2011 (97 comments)

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  •  i researched it (0+ / 0-)
    Your egotism is unbelievable.

    do your own research.  prove that OWS is the top story.

    •  I'm not making that claim (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not making any claim about what was or was not the most important story. You see, any sort of claim like that, from Time or Huffpo or you or me is what we call "opinion." There are a million ways to define "top," and no one way is right. To one person, "top" means most important to them, as in, the story that affected their life the most. For another person, it might be the story most discussed around the water cooler. For another person, it might mean the story that got the most airtime, or the most column inches, or the most Internet searches. We can debate whose criteria are the most valid until the cows come home and get turned into hamburger, and we won't come to agreement.

      I'm here to discuss the fact that Time magazine considers OWS to be the top news story of the year. We can both agree that that is a fact, right? Time magazine named them the top news story of the year. You don't feel that is a valid choice, as other news stories were more important to you. OWS was the most important to me, and it certainly had more impact on my life than the death of some failed old terrorist or similar uprisings in small foreign countries.

      OWS is the top news story to me, and it is a fact that that is my opinion.

        •  Where? (0+ / 0-)

          Look, there is no objective "top" anything. It is all opinion. Top ten lists are opinion! What kind of person doesn't understand that?!? One needs to define "top" before they can even attempt to bring facts into the picture. Top ten tallest buildings is factual. Top ten movies? Opinion. Top ten stories, books, paintings, sculptures, sex scenes, freak-outs, whatever: pure opinion.

          I, personally, feel that OWS was more important, to me, than any other story. That is my opinion. Your opinion may differ. But it is only your opinion, that is my point. It is not fact.

          •  top 10 most expensive cars (0+ / 0-)

            top 10 longest books.

            •  Hmmm, reading problems? (0+ / 0-)

              You didn't read my post. I gave the example of "top ten tallest buildings" as factual. But "top ten coolest buildings" would be opinion, as would "Top ten buildings of the year." Honestly, do you think that a list of "top ten buildings of 2011" could possibly be anything but opinion?

              Please give it a rest. Honestly, do you think you are "winning" this debate?

              •  i am a numbers guy (0+ / 0-)

                so i would take top ten buildings to mean various factors have been studied and these ten are at the top of those categories.  i would stick to the factual articles rather than opinion pieces.  top has some meaning.  whether it's specific or general.

                data aggregated together to provide relevant information.

                as in the Arab spring had more articles, more comments, went on longer and even had a bigger impact than any other news story of the year.  

                •  How would you pick the factors? (0+ / 0-)

                  Opinion. You really don't know the difference between fact and your opinion. There is no possible way we can communicate.

                  For a so called numbers guy, you are very fuzzy headed. Some words are too vague, too fuzzy to be used in a factual context, and "top" is one of them because the factors that make up "top" are all opinion, too.

                  In my OPINION, Arab spring had fewer articles, with less comments, and was in the public eye for only a brief period. But I am not claiming to have done any research, you are, so provide it. All you have provided are dubious online sources talking about other online sources. Your links do not mention radio time, TV time, column inches, or anything else that is relevant to defining "top."

                  I will take a lack of links to the research you used to come to your conclusion as an admission that you have done none.

                  Oh god, the lack of logic, it makes my brain hurt:

                  top has some meaning.  whether it's specific or general.

                  If the meaning is general, then it is not specific enough to be factual. Generalizations are not factual! Seriously, I am done with you wasting my time like this. Good day, sir. Please do not take my lack of further communication with you as anything other than total exasperation on my part, specifically, I am not going away because you "won" anything. Unless you count annoying someone until they walk away in disgust as a win.

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