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View Diary: Health and Human Services says teen girls too dumb to use morning after pill without prescription (253 comments)

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  •  Your won't someone think of the children (4+ / 0-)

    argument will lead to unwanted and unnecessary pregnancies for no reason other than your need to feel self-righteous.  This is the puritanical nanny state at it's worst.  I'm sure you are referring to a childs need to please their parents and avoid punishment when you ask your not-snark question.  While getting pregnant at 10-16 would have disappointed my parents horribly they would have been furious if it all could have been prevented if not for the fact that they had to set up a appointment to see a doctor to get a drug which only works in the hours right after sex, a drug that is so harmless that it's sold OTC except when you need to wield shame as a weapon against a child/young adult.  I think if a ten year old knows enough to get plan b after unprotected sex I should breath a sigh of relief, not get on my high horse and punish them with a possible pregnancy.

    •  It's not a need for self-righteousness, believe or (0+ / 0-)

      not. I've read through all the comments and have been thinking about all the replies. My conclusion is that I probably think of morality, safety and responsibility as all one issue. That offends some people from time to time.  What would upset me first, is that ten year old having sex in the first place.

      Again, is it morality or is it concern for the physical, mental and emotional well being of that young girl?   I readily admit I don't have the answers here, but just ceding that young girls have sex and that pregnancy prevention is the main concern bothers me.

      Me personally, I don't cast judgment on those who have already made mistakes and certainly not those who are victimized. I'm looking at it from a much broader perspective than the immediate issue.  

      Maybe a teen psychologist has a much better way of encouraging better decision making (which is what I think of as "good" behavior.)

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