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View Diary: Health and Human Services says teen girls too dumb to use morning after pill without prescription (253 comments)

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  •  Yes, because condoms don't break (0+ / 0-)

    And other birth control never fails.

    The people who say that Plan B is going to be used as an alternate birth control are, frankly, uninformed.  As I understand it the massive dose of hormones that is Plan B is generally an unpleasant thing to go through; the few people I've known who've used it had a rather crappy couple of days afterwards.  It's also significantly more expensive than condoms on a per-use basis -- about $40-50 from a quick search of the 'net.  I suppose if your daughter's the focus of a massive gang-bang it might be cheaper to go with Plan B than condoms, but somehow, I don't see that as a common occurance.

    There should be no age-based barriers to the acquisition of non-chronic birth control methods, and that includes parental permission.  All that leads to is unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

    but I do think parents have a reasonable interest in knowing what medications their minor kids are putting in their bodies and, yes, the sexual behavior of their teens.

    They may have an interest in it but they do not, frankly, have a concrete right to that information.  Doctor-patient confidentiality holds for minors who choose to assert it, and in order to pass judicial review, states which have laws requiring parental permission for things like abortion also must have a way to bypass that requirement.  The same holds for parental notification and access to contraceptives. has a decent general review of the subject.

    You know the main thing that affects (negatively) condom and birth control use?  Abstinence only education programs that either entirely omit coverage of birth control or which lie about its efficacy and other aspects.

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