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View Diary: GOP strategist: Republicans would rather defeat 'Obamacare' than have killed bin Laden (53 comments)

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  •  Jesus fucking Christ (0+ / 0-)

    why do we focus on polls of mass disinformation? I don't like Obamacare and I'm not a rabid lunatic it just sucks as a healthcare program. I'm some one who wants a universal not for profit heathcare system like France has . I also don't give a rats ass or believe in the war on terra and the danger of AlQueda or whatever it's called. Killing Bin Laudin is just fucking sick as far as politics go. What a weird fucking thing to drag out and proclaim a victory for Obama.  Yeah he killed the dude and Bush didn't. Yay! o'hooray, the Dems can kill with the best of them they got Goldstein.

    As for Obama care who the fuck knows what it will bring other then mandating you to buy it. So far so bad same with most of the policy and victories for compromise this administration cranks out. Yes they suck but what do we offer. Gimmie a break this health care program sucks and so does the war on Terra. The war that is bogus and yet requires we give up all our rights, cause you know they on;y interferer with keeping us safe.  

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