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View Diary: Stunning: FDA's Emergency Contraception Recommendation overruled by Sebelius: Pure Politics (174 comments)

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  •  Screw the Bishops, Obama. (13+ / 0-)

    If there ever was any one constituency who has no stake whatsoever in the issues of childbearing, it is the group of male priests and bishops who have CHOSEN to never have children. Ever.

    Every woman of child bearing age has the absolute right to decide which one of the eggs, (which she will create every single month until menopause), shall grow within her body to be delivered and raised. No other person on the planet has any say in her choice. She may choose to consult with the man who fertilized her egg, or not. She may choose to tell her parents, or not.

    The youngest women face the most traumatic repercussions with an unintended pregnancy. Parental domination, control and wrath. Terrified boyfriends. Science and math coursework that still needs to be completed on time. Her whole entire future.

    The very idea that her President may be playing politics with frickken Bishops who will never, ever, ever walk a mile in her shoes is absolutely intolerable.      

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