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  •  Murder Rates Declining (8+ / 0-)

    Murder rates peaked in the early 90's and have been on a decline since. When you factor in population growth the percentage of people murdered is even lower.

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      What's changed is the business model of news organizations. Nobody's ever found a correlation between the amount of news time devoted to crime stories and the actual incidence of crime. Remember that by definition, if it makes the news it's unusual.

      What's really changed is that events that used to be local news now make the national or international news (especially if the victim is attractive and white). Our emotions, however, are still attuned to the old model, so when we see reports of, say, ten murders all over the country, it feels like they all happened in our own community (and it feels like "if that many are happening in our community, think of how many there are in the whole country!"). Similarly, repeated reports of the same incident feel like reports of multiple incidents, and reports of incidents decades ago feel like they just happened.

      P.S. By definition, a murder rate refers to the number of murders per 100,000 (or some similar number) of people, so it already takes population growth or shrinkage into account.

      Banksters are harmful for the same reason neutrinos are harmless: neither are inclined to share what they've got (wealth and energy, respectively)

      by ebohlman on Thu Dec 08, 2011 at 07:04:17 PM PST

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