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View Diary: Just 6 Walmart heirs have as much wealth as 30% of Americans (203 comments)

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    I think one of the horrible inequities in the tax code is the idea that some income is more taxable than other income.  I am firmly convinced all income should be taxed the same, whether it's from wages, capital gains, gambling, smuggling or an inheritance.  I really don't want to mess around with an inheritance tax at all.  Just tax the inheritance as income to the recipients.  So if you gave your $1M estate to 1000 poor people, there probably wouldn't be any taxes at all.  But if you gave it all to 1 person, they'd be paying on a $1M income, which should be in excess of 50%.

    Frankly, I blame everything on Nixon.

    by J Orygun on Thu Dec 08, 2011 at 11:04:24 PM PST

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