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View Diary: The Obama Israel Policy You Won't Find on Google (14 comments)

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    between the Democrat and Republican approach as I felt this piece explained. You might have seen a more belligerent President McCain with respect to Iran, but I would doubt the Arab spring would have ever happened without Obama's honest engagement with the Arab world. I doubt you would have seen the death of Osama bin Laden had McCain taken the White House. The concentration of our intelligence and our forces under the Obama administration in the capture or killing of terrorist leaders has been decisive. I suppose you are correct in a sense that we seem no further down the road toward a two-state peace. But the shift to the right in the Middle East on both sides came under the auspices of a belligerent Republican president, and so did the jaundiced-eyed decision-making that pulled us out of Afghanistan too soon and kept us underwhelming in Iraq for too long. Israel has suffered for that, and I am sure most Israelis understand how much safer they are now with the cool level-headed Mr. Obama in their corner.

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