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View Diary: Occupy Boston: Risking Arrest tonight because I believe...... (118 comments)

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  •  Nice pivot. (4+ / 0-)
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    Kamakhya, dilutedviking, emal, evergreen2

    You wrote:

    It'd be unfair to all the rest of Americans if one group we agreed with got all the breaks and no one else got any.

    Your comment history throughout the OWS threads has been consistent with all the other Time, Place and Manner scolds. NOW you're saying you "fully support them breaking the law."

    If THAT's your position now, then you have no bone with me. I absolutely agree the OWS protestors are engaged in civil disobedience.

    And we should keep ON engaging in this civil disobedience, because the attempt to educate and rally the citizenry to reject the wholesale corruption of our government is a lot more important right now than worrying about whether recreational users of the parks are getting their "fair" use of them.

    The reason the 99% vs the 1% narrative has taken hold across the country is because of the civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is precisely what has garnered the attention of the corporate media.

    •  I DO fully support them (0+ / 0-)

      It's not a pivot at all. It's YOUR failed understanding that one can acknowledge that people are committing a crime and still support their efforts - sometimes civil disobedience is the only way to get attention.

      It's not my fault that you're confused here.

      It's ALWAYS BEEN MY POSITION. And there's no evidence that the other "scolds" feel the exact same way. See, again, that's your shortcoming and the failure of others to grasp that explaining that people are getting it wrong when they claim that there's an absolute, limitless right to free assembly doesn't mean you don't support their goals - it's just that their asssertions about the First Amendment are supportable!

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