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View Diary: Walker's Koch-Funded Ad: A Teacher's Testimony [or] Schoolyard Bullies (31 comments)

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  •  I asked a group of college students, many in (6+ / 0-)

    education, "what they thought of their futures in teaching with all of this going on in the state." One person (about 8 juniors and seniors)  said "I hope it will all cool down before I am out on the job market. Everyone else agreed. I asked if they felt a need to engage in politics regarding their field. None of them did - they just want it all to go away.

    I wish them the best - they are really nice and often bright students. They don't seem to understand that this assault on education is a specific campaign, and not some ambient aberration that just sort of "happened."

    •  This is to be expected, because they are not aware (4+ / 0-)

      of what they are going to lose. As you get older, you see how things work. They only want jobs, they don't care (right now) about the conditions. Remember too that there is one statistic that says that half of new teachers leave within the first 5 years of teaching. The 20 year olds do not know what the conditions are like. Right now they are probably thinking that they can do a better job than the older teachers. I remember thinking that when I started out.  About 2 months into teaching I realized that the older teachers knew way more than I did and started going to them for help.

      They are also going to be in for a big surprise when they realize that a large percentage of the state is blaming them for student outcomes.

      Also, on a practical level, there may be someone who is paying their tuition telling them to play it safe and to not get involved, wait and see who "wins".

      They simply do not believe that conditions will worsen  because they themselves have always been in fairly good schools, they do not believe things will change.

      And, continuing to generalize, I think many teachers are very pro-authority by nature. They tend to trust authority because they themselves are authorities and they are thinking about what is best for their students. So, it follows that all authorities are doing that.

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