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  •  Slightly tangential to your situation (11+ / 0-)

    but you made me think in more general terms about the confusion of complexities that "the system" under which we live relentlessly imposes on individuals and families in the various expected crises of life.

    Illness, old age, death...each regularly lands us in a tangle of paperwork and legal and other musts and can'ts that are a lifetime study even for professional but for us who encounter these things a few times in a lifetime, requires us to rediscover or reinvent the wheel time after time, as well as to play the "flexible gasket" between inflexible and not-quite-fitting-together, non-coordinating portions of the social apparatus.

    This regularly drains enormous time and energy out of a social cost that, added up, must be incredible, but nobody adds it up because each individual or family is expected to cope with each case alone.

    If I may say so, the waste and strain affect the middle-aged most, in my observation, and perhaps weigh heaviest of all on middle-aged women because we are still more often reiied upon to be engaged on a daily basis with the oldest members of our families.

    The whole thing cries out for systems analysis in terms of how to release the social energy and resources that  currently wasted in this non-productive, indeed harmful pattern.

    Another reason why single-payer or better, National Health, would improve the health of the nation.

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