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    pasadena beggar, Clytemnestra

    Find it hard to empathize with a woman and her husband who believe that having so many children is a positive thing.

    They're more than a little insane, and that TLC has given then a platform just because they're super reproducers is a little shameful.

    My wife has always said that maybe this sort of thing needs to happen to her before a light goes on in their heads and they realize that maybe they should stop procreating already.

    I'm not going to say I sit here and "understand" what miscarrying is like because I've never personally had a stake in such an event, but I think we can all understand the extreme emotion and sadness that has to go into losing one's child, whether they are still in the womb or have been born yet.

    As such, I hope the family can have a proper grieving process and move on as they see necessary.

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