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View Diary: Mitt Romney should pay a price for reviving Paul Ryan's Medicare repeal plan ... but will he? (30 comments)

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  •  no one is primarying Obama (4+ / 0-)
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    jj32, guessagain2012, Delilah, Matt Z

    i thought diarists talked about this several times. Even Jane Hamsher said, "liberals have no one" to primary him with.

    Bernie Sanders said he will not do it.

    •  The problem with Bernie Sanders (1+ / 0-)
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      I like Sanders. But he's from the most liberal state in the country. And he really has no responsibility to get anything passed. It's great that he advocates for liberal policies, but it's hardly impressive, for the reasons I listed.

      So how exactly would he better at getting more progressive legislation through Congress than Obama?  IMO, this partly why the liberal challenges to Obama havent materialized.

      •  since you asked (0+ / 0-)

        how we could get single payer i.e., bernie sanders.

        here's the logic. you phase out cash and every transaction is recorded on debit card issued by the government.  you then have a national sales tax, and now that you've brought in the underground economy it would really start to make sense.

        the receipts going to washington would go through the roof.

        since a national sales is regressive one way around that is to tie it to single payer's passage and say now everyone has skin in the game.

        the income tax goes to zero except for the very rich who'd pay more.  the corporate tax goes to zero.  corporations also get benefit of no more health care expenses, courtesy Single Payer.  

        everybody gets on board and shuts their pie wholes because this scheme would unleash the economy once the government "tax collection/debit card" got cranked up.

        that's the highlights of my idea.  there's a dozen other reasons it makes sense, i hope to write about it this wknd

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