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View Diary: Mitt Romney should pay a price for reviving Paul Ryan's Medicare repeal plan ... but will he? (30 comments)

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    In a poll from last week from Public Policy Polling, it was noted that one aspect that hasn't received much attention is Newt Gingrich's appeal to senior citizens. According to the poll, he is polling better among this group than he is overall nationally­.

    I assume that Mitt Romney is aware of this informatio­n. So why in the world then would Team Romney decide to go with a strategy to point out Newt's early opposition to Paul Ryan's Medicare privatizat­ion plan? According to several polls at the time, opposition to the Ryan plan was highest among senior citizens. It seems obvious that if Romney wants to dig into Newt's support, he must make seniors afraid of Newt. Instead, he's giving seniors a reason to stay with Newt. From a strategy point of view, it makes no sense.

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