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View Diary: Bernie Sanders Introduces The "Corporations are not People" Amendment (193 comments)

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  •  yes. i was speaking of the declaration. (0+ / 0-)

    and its signatories.
    and their pledge for ultimate support.

    " ...mutually pledged support, and a little french providence (how many lafayettes are in your family tree?), achieved the goal, enabling the document being defaced in your edcom to be planned and written."


    first, you declare.

    then, you effect, by whatever means necessary and with ultimate effort if also necessary, through mutual support, the conditions for your newly-born nation.

    then, you constitute it.

                 then, it may or may not be defaced by a Sharpie.

    (but i don't think it can easily be defaced.)
    (and i don't think it will prove to have been crippled.)
    (not, that is, after that pledge was made clear and loud, right before those gigantic signatures were placed.)

    you cannot really argue about rights at all if no dissolution has been first properly declared;
    if conditions are not then achieved in which there is no question as to 'who is the boss of me;'
    or if the nation fails to form from there: the 'us' in 'we the people.'

    the declaration did much more than "only" make clear the stated condition of separation from British rule. without the declaration--which bears slow re-reading--there would have been no united country, no rights, and nothing to argue about.
    much as i sometimes greatly dislike mt. rushmore's faces, having them tagged would be similar to how the edcom struck me this time i saw it: wow.

    could they think a Sharpie is strong enough to change what we stood for before we were 'we, the people;' while we were becoming 'we, the people;' and after we solidified who 'we, the people' really are?

    could they think a twisted definition can permanently change who 'we, the people' will be in the future?
    i must stop. i apologize for not being able to write well enough to so deeply honor those visionaries who pledged to support their declaration with an honor of deepest, most sacred distinction.

    it is early december. in the same year as it was once February 15.

    Addington's perpwalk is the trailhead of accountability for this wound to our national psyche. (But go ahead and arrest Rumsfeld, too.)

    by greenbird on Sat Dec 10, 2011 at 06:14:10 PM PST

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