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View Diary: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Gingrich? Really? (131 comments)

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  •  Because People Who Vote Democratic Have IQ's (2+ / 0-)
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    judyms9, METAL TREK

    larger than their shoe size, and tend to utilize the neural networks in their skulls more than the one in their guts.

    For example, how come the Reubs dont spend $$$ in Black districts in order to get rid of some the most progressive memebers of Congress? Simple. Black people aren't retarded easily convinced to vote against their own best interest

    I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Republican Party.

    60% of White-Americans voted for the TeaBigots in 2010. Yet, some Kossacks think Obama is the problem. I guess it's easier to blame Obama than it is to blame your momma

    by OnlyWords on Sat Dec 10, 2011 at 06:23:51 AM PST

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