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View Diary: Has a GOP SCOTUS decided to undo the Voting Rights Act? (Judge-drawn Texas map stayed) (22 comments)

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  •  this state school ID thing was in indiana first (5+ / 0-)

    I saw this disenfranchise students first hand while on the ground in 2008.

    Had a girl registered to vote in indiana, who had come to indiana state from another state, come into the campaign office sobbing because she tried to early vote and wasn't allowed because she didn't have an indiana drivers license.

    the girl needed a birth certificate to change her drivers license to indiana and if she changed her drivers license it would have screwed up her car insurance through her parents.

    It was also too late for her to register to absentee vote in her home state.

    This was all because the Indiana law didn't allow state school IDs to count as voter identification. Eventually Indiana University printed new IDs for students with their social security numbers on them to make it able for students to vote and I believe Indiana State came to do the same thing after huge problems on campus but they only started printing the IDs on THE DAY OF VOTING so who knows how many got disenfranchised regardless.

    I still think about that girl I met during early voting and wonder if her vote counted in 2008 or not.

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