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  •  masters degree, etc. (0+ / 0-)
    Every teacher should have at least a masters degree

    Medical school takes four years. Law school takes three years.

    If it takes five years to turn out a teacher, then perhaps the first four years of his/her college education weren't very effective or the person might not been top-level college material.

    The term "normal school" originated in the early 19th century from the French école normale.[3] The French concept of an "école normale" was to provide a model school with model classrooms to teach model teaching practices to its student teachers.[4] The children being taught, their teachers, and the teachers of the teachers were often together in the same building.[citation needed] Although a laboratory school, it was the official school for the children—primary or secondary.[citation needed]
    In Finland, normal schools are under national university administration, whereas most schools are administered by the local municipality. A normal school is the official school of the children. Teacher aspirants do most of their compulsory trainee period in normal schools and teach while being supervised by a senior teacher.

    1.Teachers have MA degrees. I have seen this written several places and it always makes me smile. The Finnish system is different. Like the German system, their students spend more years in high school.( This is similar to first year at University in the US. Students then do something similar to the British A-level exam. This is very comprehensive. Few of our students would be able to pass these exams
    In Finland, students then must pass University admittance exams before being accepted to a program of study. These exams are grueling and few pass on the first try. Many students spend years studying just to get into University. No one helps the students. Students read books and take exams. Period. You can’t take a course like we do for GMAT or LSAT. There are no lectures. You read books and take the exam. Once admitted, students study subjects like law, education, medicine, etc. There is no time limit and since education is free most students take as long as they want to get their first degree. The courses add up to roughly four years if one were to go straight through. So, the MA that students have in Finland is a first degree
    All in all, saying Finnish teachers have an MA is not exactly correct. They have a first degree they call an MA. It produces very fine lawyers and doctors and scientists so I am inclined not to argue with this over simplification. But they have not spent 4 years undergraduate and 2 years graduate school as anyone in the US must do to receive an MA in education. Our system becomes progressively more difficult and focused. Their system is always focused. Since their system produces the best results in the world, I think we should look to other factors because saying teachers have an MA in education is misleading and not an important factor.
    Another issue that always bothers me is people point to the fact that children start school at age 7 in Finland as a factor in their success. People suggest we should leave our kids on their own and scrap our preschool system. Finns don’t start teaching subjects until age 7 that is true but the majority of women work in Finland and they have universal daycare. Most children have been in a system that encourages orderly behavior from birth. If you question this, go to Finland during the coldest and darkest months. It can be 40 below zero and people still stand and wait for lights to change. No one walks against the light. No one drinks and drives. People do not speak in public places like trams. Children in universal daycare also learn things like English or Swedish or other second language basics that prepare them for a rigorous system that starts at age 7. Seven year old children in Finland have few behavior issues because they have been treated equally since birth–they have been loved and encouraged by a system that values children.
    They don’t keep re-inventing the wheel the way we do. They also do not have the influence of book companies who sell fads. They don’t pay millions for education research and they don’t force un-natural practices on teachers.
    Kids don’t carry huge backpacks with fat books–they are presented with less information but they all learn everything that is taught.

    •  Finland takes 5 years (0+ / 0-)

      3 undergrad & 2 masters.

      In US one can get a Masters in education or teaching in 1 year, so it is same 5 years.

      Works for Finland

      "what the best and wisest parent wants for his child is what we should want for all the children of the community" - John Dewey

      by teacherken on Sat Dec 10, 2011 at 08:24:22 PM PST

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