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View Diary: Health Insurance Denied My Wife Medication (27 comments)

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    it was 2 years after diagnosis until medicare kicks in. Which is why I haven't applied for disability yet, because disability payments would put my income too high to qualify for medicaid in this state as an adult. Right now my child support for my son barely lets me qualify. Without medicaid my entire disability check would be going out for meds let alone dr's and hospital visits.

    Medicaid won't pay for one of my meds, and I get it through a discount program through the company and Walmart. I pay 21 dollars a month for mine, but mine only costs about $200 a month normally. It's worth looking into the company, many of them do offer free or reduced cost meds in cases like your wife's.

    •  I have done this also (2+ / 0-)
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      jimcbq, CuriousBoston

      The drug co. provided the drug for free every month, the only hassle was filling out the forms every month until I got smart and made copies to hand in every month w/ a new date of course. I GOT ONE DRUG FREE FOR OVER 3 YRS by just asking if they had a program for people like us. It does do a job on ones ego but what the hell.

       I also suffer from daily migraines and my next treatment, a fairly new treatment mode, is Botox. My Neurologist says it is about 30 tiny shots to my head and face. He claims the time to do the shots is less than 15 mins., and has had good results with people like me where they have tried just about everything out there. Medicare/MediCal (our MediAid) is also willing to pay for it. The only thing stopping me right now is the Dr. is about a hr away and hard to tie to a appt time. My last appt. was canceled as I was on the road, half way to the appt. when he was called away to a emergency.

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      by SmileySam on Sun Dec 11, 2011 at 06:09:32 AM PST

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      •  botox treatment (0+ / 0-)

        Another one of her doctors briefly discussed botox treatments.  When my wife's symptoms first started to appear, a couple doctors that we saw diagnosed her as having migraines but it turned out to be the wrong diagnosis.

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