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  •  That awareness is a product of my upbringing (9+ / 0-)

    From about age 12 on I lived in an interracial home- my stepfather and stepbrother are both African American. I saw through their eyes what it meant to be discriminated against. I saw many, many people give THEM that look. And actually, I saw people give my whole family that look- so maybe my original post was not quite accurate. Especially when we went down south...we traveled to the deep south every year for my stepdads softball tournaments. People would spit at us, gave us the finger, refused us service in a restaurant- some women walked right up to my mother at a fair and said "Nigger lovers like you make me sick and they should take away your babies". Those experiences were ingrained in me- and seeing how differently my mother, my sisters and I would be treated when we were on our own in those same areas made a huge impression on me too. That's when I became aware of privilege, even though I didn't know the word for it yet.  

    I also grew up hearing stories about my family-my grandfather, who changed his name when he came here because it sounded too Jewish. His relatives who stayed behind in Europe- all but one were killed in the Holocaust. I grew up hearing those stories, seeing my uncle who survived and the number he had tattooed on his arm-that was a constant reminder of the power of hate, how some people can be so consumed by it that they grow to see you as nothing more than a number, an object to be destroyed.

    I am so glad that you are feeling better- and the fact that the meds are working is a very good sign that the diagnosis he made was correct and that it was indeed PHN- otherwise, the medication would not have any noticeable affect. That is wonderful news.

    R.I.P. Troy Anthony Davis
    October 9, 1968 - September 21, 2011

    by SwedishJewfish on Sun Dec 11, 2011 at 05:53:14 PM PST

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