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View Diary: Democratic Senator To MORE IT Workers: No More Pay For Your Overtime Work (262 comments)

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  •  What company actually has a 'properly staffed' (8+ / 0-)

    IT department???  I've not been in one.  The last place was actively finding ways to 'downsize' the roughly 200 person IT staff (server guys, tech, help desk, programmers, dba's, systems guys, sysadmins, telephone operators, etc) of a place that had 5k desktops, more than 100 servers, 2 mainframes, god alone knows how many miles of wire, more than 4.5 million transactions a day with more than 1 million patients a year.  They're now having to contract out the labor for the new 3rd party vendor software.

    •  And I'd wager that some jackass in management (9+ / 0-)

      got a promotion for that downsizing despite this:

      They're now having to contract out the labor for the new 3rd party vendor software.

      I've seen this many times. It's a matter of not understanding the real costs of enlisting outside help, more often than not, with a dubious level of expertise. If additional stress and frustration brought on by such a move doesn't translate to real dollars, no one really cares. Most of the time management doesn't care or understand that when you bring in "help" from the outside, your remaining inside crew has to compensate for the additional incompetence.

      I've managed to stay employed by doing things that outside contractors don't want to do, don't consider profitable, or just plain don't know how to do.  

      •  The CEO that actually signed the contract (4+ / 0-)
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        ER Doc, rightiswrong, James Kresnik, kurt

        has since left the institution.  IIRC, they're on the second replacement by now???  Yeah, the high muckity mucks got pay raises, we didn't.  My 'revenge'/satisfaction is that the lab module that they purchased from the same company was a complete bust, costing at least 6 million and they may have burned the bridge to the previous lab software vendor.  I know that this little venture has cost the institution millions in extra expenses because of all the auditing to capture misbilling in the last 3 years that has taken place.  One month they missed 11 million in billing.  Serves them right!!!!  In many ways, I'm so glad that I'm no longer at that instititution, but it's costing the State taxpayers money.

        I'm waiting for the flood of retirements of the mainframers.  Then, I might get job security - cause a whole bunch of schools no longer teach anything mainframe.  We both know that it's gawdawful to convert existing systems over to new platforms.  There's still tons of Cobol and PL/I out there that will need maintaining and someone who can figure it out and be able to convert the programs/data over.  There's a whole bunch of stuff out there on IMS databases and many of the newer 'off the shelf' stuff can't talk to IMS, but can to DB2.... I'm in my third database conversion and that I've already been through 2 of them is why I was hired on for the third.

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