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View Diary: Democratic Senator To MORE IT Workers: No More Pay For Your Overtime Work (262 comments)

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  •  It's not the nature of your job (9+ / 0-)

    it's the fact that you're salaried.

    I don't get paid overtime either, nor do I get comp time. But my schedule is flexible, I get vacation and sick leave. I can pretty much control my hours.

    Restaurants used to put every shift manager on some meager salary, and then schedule them 50-60 hr weeks. I think they've cracked down on that somewhat.

    Salaried workers are supposed to have some control over their hours - so if they need to work extra hours on a project, they can take off some other day. They're also supposed to be more upper level workers.  

    •  I worked in a state agency (0+ / 0-)

      where the work week began on Friday - So, the state would work us overtime as they needed - then force us to take "Flex-time" to adjust so that there would never be overtime.  The work involved child abuse investigations, foster care and juvenile justice.  We often had to respond on cases while on beepers.  State troopers were also on this "Flex" system.  Floridians knew that there were fewer state troopers on the interstates on Thursdays when they would need to "adjust" their hours.  Looking back, the system was really not employee-friendly.

    •  as someone who was also IT years ago... (0+ / 0-)

      it is very easy for us to be "distracted" and lose track of time and work extremely long hours.  i got lost in the software or program or problem and frequently didn't notice until 1am or later.

      also, though, as you pointed out, i was salaried and had good benefits and could have gone home but didn't because i was engrossed in the problem at hand.  i loved what i was doing - to be reduced to an hourly wage would have meant being told to go home when the project was half done, disrupting the mental process it took to unravel that particular problem.

      i am not so sure i object to this - as long as the salaries are commensurate with the job.

      this diary sounds like an overreaction by someone not in the industry.  maybe i'm wrong - after all, it was the mid eighties i was working IT - so things do change in time.

      will reserve judgement, but right now, i don't see this as a great injustice.

      Is GlowNZ back yet?

      by edrie on Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 01:45:40 PM PST

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      •  Have you ever worked helpdesk? (0+ / 0-)

        That's a very UNfun place to be in IT and it is usually hourly with OT. This bill would make those folks want to kill themselves even more (they have a high suicide rate, I kid you not.)

        •  i can believe it - we didn't have "help desks" in (0+ / 0-)

          my day - we had clients call us to come out and "fix" the problem.  i worked for wang labs as a software consultant (and was also the system admin for the syosset office for over a year).  it was just ibm, dec and wang at the time - each company ran architect dependent software... and charged a HUGE fortune for yearly equipment and software maintenance.  wang ended as did dec when the pc was introduced and it was cheaper for companies to throw out a pc and buy a new one rather than paying the exorbitant maintenance contracts.

          back in my day, the companies were at the mercy of the computer companies.  now, with the pc, it's changed... with open source software, non-architech dependent software, apps, etc., the proliferation of hand helds - it's a totally different world out there.

          i can only imagine the abuse the help desk folk take - especially when there is a very frustrated customer and a hard to find problem....  i always try to caveat at the very beginning of the conversation that i am NOT upset with them, but i am frustrated at the lack of a solution to the problem.  most get it - a few still take any complaint about non-working software, billings, etc. as personal affronts.

          that's too bad... it puts a whole nuther dynamic into the equation.

          Is GlowNZ back yet?

          by edrie on Mon Dec 12, 2011 at 11:15:18 PM PST

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