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  •  Deffreyes is fringe, discredited "peak oil" (0+ / 0-)

    Issue is too much oil, new massive fields in Brazil, tar sands, fracking natural gas, the deep sea drilling, the arctic drilling.  Deffreyes and the "peak oilers" got it backwards.

    Claiming world production oil peaked in 2005 while Petrobras announcement alone pushed it to 2020 range. Russian Arctic fields will likely push it to 2040.

    So not a good source for technological issues with methane gas extraction as Deffereyes has a political agenda he pushes very aggressively and tailors his "data" to match his political views.

    If in fact global warming is causing an accelerated methane release from undersea beds then there are many good reasons to figure out ways to tap it as a relatively clean fuel source.  Replacing coal burning with methane would greatly reduce greenhouse gas out put.

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