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View Diary: Who's Afraid of the Popular Vote? (128 comments)

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  •  A word on Sheldon Silver (5+ / 0-)

    Not surprised to see NY House Speaker Sheldon Silver's name crop up again in blocking yet another piece of important progressive legislation.  In my view, Sheldon Silver should be regarded as an enemy of progressivism and a Fifth Columnist in the Democratic Party.  Blocking transit funding.  Blocking the congestion charge in NYC.  Blocking the national popular vote.  Repealing the commuter tax.  Blocking the new train station in NYC.  Blocking any lengthening of NY's ridiculously short statute of limitations on rape at a time that an aide was accused of exactly that offense.  As far as I can tell, he sees his main constituents as his employer (the law firm, not the state of NY) and Cablevision.  I don't think voters or the Democratic Party enter into the equation at all with him.

    If I were to pick a "Democrat" to primary, anywhere in the country,  he'd be number one on my list.  Silver's the sort of politician you want rid of no matter what.  He is corrupt in a way that has national consequences -- for our democracy, for crime victims, for our environment, for our cities, for sustainable transportation.  

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