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View Diary: Has Harvard Professor Helen Vendler Lost Her Damn Mind? (162 comments)

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  •  Simply because Vendler has shown (0+ / 0-)

    no evidence of racism in her previous writings doesn't mean that she is not racist or has not had subliminal racist attitudes all along that Dove's anthology brought to the surface.

    Vendler flat out said that there were too many black poets .(I'm not even going to post one of the quotes coming from Dove's husband about her meticulous counting of the number of minority poets in the volume in the anthology. )

    Vendler didn't mention even the absence of any poetry by Sylvia Plath or Allen Ginsberg.

    I meantioned several flaws that I found in the volume myself (and I'm no Helen Vendler when it comes to literary criticism).

    Additionally, Vendler had the opportunity to specifically state that she had no intention of criticizing the poets of color that are in Dove's anthology solely on the basis of their race/ethnicity. She could have clarified that in her response to Dove. Vendler chose not to.

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