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    I wish that I could waive a magic wand and a bunch of conservatives would read Hunter's work and say "Eurika, I get it now!"  That's not going to happen.  My leaning conservative mom (since the Clinton blue dress debacle-thanks Bill) tried to tell me that colleges are full of liberals who want to brainwash people.  I stopped her from repeating that meme when I asked her "Mom, why do you think that those who teach in college are predominantly liberal? Could it be that these are educated people who know how to discern facts in spite of unrelenting propaganda?" She was forced to think about it from another point of view.  Professors don't study because they are liberal, they are liberal because they study.

    Anyway, back to dogma.  There will always be contrarians in higher education.  That's fine because they will propose alternative theories that will be studied.  They're right occasionally.  Hopefully the whole process contributes to knowledge.  Milton Freedman inspired an entire school of economic thought.  It may be that those theories will eventually fade, but they provided a basis for conservative dogma.  I'm sure that there are some educated conservatives that grapple with the possibility that their world view is flawed, but the fast majority are merely engaged in repeating the talking points in a neverending quest for power.  Economics is hard.  I have an MBA and still struggle with competing influences.  It's much easier to latch on to understandable concepts, like cutting taxes increases revenue or Obamacare will kill Grandma.

    We need some new dogma.  How about this?  Why are jobs created by the private sector better than those created by the people?  Those are Walmart variety jobs with low wages, crappy working conditions, and no health insurance.  We're cutting good public jobs in order to give tax cuts to "job creators" so they can create crappy jobs with no pension (and keep a chunk of profit).  I don't want to privatize services provided by the government, I want to make those services better.  Let's hire the experts directly at a good salary and keep the profit.  How do we make this part of Democratic dogma?

    Thats the challenge...

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