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View Diary: The "Intrusive" 2010 Census Will prove Useless to Genealogists of the Future (125 comments)

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  •  I'm sure (6+ / 0-)

    GloboMarketCoTech, Inc. will be happy to sell the information, gathered by the government, back to the government at a suitable markup, along with a small handling fee.

    The Bachmans of the world will warn us that the government, compiling data collected by the government, and subsequently given at no cost to GloboMarketCoTech, Inc. cannot be used by the government without paying tax dollars to GloboMarketCoTech, Inc. for the right to use it.

    Anything else would be socialism.

    Note that this is basically what Rick Santorum argued a few years ago: That the US weather service should not be allowed to provide information, gathered by the government weather services, at taxpayer expense, to the public at no cost. Instead the information should be provided to private, for-profit weather companies at no cost and then SOLD to the public for private profit. That this would amount to the public paying for the information TWICE seemed not to matter to him.

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